The Roaring 20's  Sex, Culture  A Brief History of MILFs

The Roaring 20's Sex, Culture A Brief History of MILFs

The character trope of the MILF - or Mom I’d Like to F*ck - is a cultural phenomenon that has risen to notoriety in mainstream American culture throughout the last several decades. What was once taboo is now a popularized and even idolized desire.

In the upcoming year 2020, the celebration of MILFs is expected - but one might wonder, how did such a characterization rise to its fame? In observance of the upcoming year, our readers can enjoy a brief history of the rise of the iconic MILF in popular culture.

Before the term was coined, 1967’s classic The Graduate introduced the character of Mrs. Robinson as a desirable older woman. The acronym first was introduced on an Internet newsboard and in Motorbooty Magazine the early 1990s. It was cemented in vernacular in the 1999 hit American Pie, where John Cho’s character is simply credited as “MILF Guy #2” after referring to Stifler’s Mom.

MILF culture rose steadily in the 2000s with the popularity of TV shows such as Desperate Housewives and the Real Housewives series. Fountains of Wayne’s hit song “Stacy’s Mom” won over pop radio listeners in 2003. In 2007 and 2009, infamous airline carrier Spirit Airlines ran ads using a play on MILF - Many Islands, Low Fares - which received some backlash from critics.

Perhaps most interestingly, a 2014 article in Playboy magazine, Purdue University researcher and sex educator Justin Lehmiller referenced the work of psychologists Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey to analyze fascination with MILFs. Nowadays, PornHub reports that every year MILF is one of the most searched terms online.

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Welcome 2020!!!


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