About The Fetish Academy - Female Owned Judgement Free

Not only does The Fetish Academy sell the most unique custom fox tail butt plugs, bunny tails, natural animal tails, strap ons, floggers, cat ears, collars, and other fetish gear, bachelorette party  and costume pieces, but its community educates consumers on how to spice up ordinary life!

By illuminating one's deepest desires, The Fetish Academy truly makes fantasies happen. Whether you're looking for products perfect for solo action, something to enjoy with a partner, or a costume perfect for the next festival, we've got you covered.

All of our products are carefully selected by Princess Cosplay, a fashion and sexual education guru with decades of experience, and are 100% body safe. Furthermore, there is no "right way" to use any of our products; all of our products are designed for all genders and identities. 

Our team purchases the FLUFFIEST, softest, highest, quality animal tails on the market. Each is exquisite! You will without a doubt love your new tail! We aim to create experiences: try a pair of ears to match or peek-a-boo panties to create the perfect look!

If you don't see something you want, just ask. If we can make it, we will make a custom order just for you! All packaging is always discreet.

On our blog, every week we illuminate some of the most exciting news in the fetish world. Check back to stay updated with tips and tricks for play, trends, instructions, and ideas!

We love to educate and inspire, and welcome all interested individuals, no previous experience necessary!

This is a judgement-free place. We have resources for you, no matter who you are and what kind of enjoyment you’re looking for.

There is no better time to explore and to enjoy than right now.

We are here as a resource to answer questions and for recommendations. Write us at princesscosplay@thefetishacademy.com. We would love to hear from you!

For more, check us out on Instagram and Twitter: @fetishacademy.

About Princess Cosplay

The owner and founder of The Fetish Academy, Princess Cosplay, works to offer customers the tools, toys, and resources they need to explore and play. Her mission is to create a judgement free community where anyone can feel welcome to discover new and exciting sources of pleasure, excitement, and fun.

The joy she brings to helping people find their own enjoyment is based on a lifelong journey to connect her passion and skills. She began her career studying fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology and spent many years developing her business acumen at a large corporation. But it wasn’t until she took a risk and left to make her own way that she discovered her true gift for pleasure.

She is an experienced sex educator, make-up artist, and pleasure guide who brings her knowledge and passion to every aspect of The Fetish Academy.

To learn more about her journey and get tips, tricks, and an inside look into the life of a female entrepreneur in the business of pleasure, be sure to check back for her blog posts.

For consultations and appearances: PrincessCosplay@TheFetishAcademy.Com