March Madness - Sex Edition!

March is here, and so is the famous elimination basketball tournament called "March Madness." From the 13th, through April 2nd, more than sixty teams will hash it out for first place. But why leave that competition to basketball teams when you could have just as much fun, or likely even more, with a March Madness tournament of your own!
Bring experimenting into the bedroom into a fun new level with a competition that results in you and your partner finding your all time favorite sex position, toy, or fetish, whether it's one you already know or something shiny and new! Princess Cosplay and The Fetish Academy can guide you and your partner through the rules of this simple at-home tournament so that every time you have sex in the next month, you'll be bringing in something new in an exciting way. 
Start off by making a large list of things you both have and haven't tried in bed; try to pick at least 16 things (they can be as creative or simple as you'd like!). Once you've got a satisfactory list, pair them up so you try two of your chosen sex acts per night. After you've tried both of them while having sex that night, you and your partner choose which one each you liked better, and that one will move on to the next round of the tournament. Repeat this game each night with all of the other new sex acts until you've tried each of them, two at a time, and finished the first tier.
Once you've tried each sex act, and chosen a winner for each pair, it's time to pair the winners up against each other as well! In the second round, you'll pair up two of your winning choices, and two of your partners winning choices, and decide which of your two preferred sex acts is even better than the other!
Repeat this process until you and your partner both have a winner from all of the choices that you've each made... and then it's time to put your choice against your partners! This time, you'll both need to agree on which one you like together as a pair to have the best sex you two have ever had.
The overall bracket, just like March Madness for Basketball, should look just like this (the examples in the bracket don't need to be the ones you use): 
March Madness Sex Game Bracket
Sometimes choosing a winner between two of these will be easy, sometimes it could be really difficult... But eventually, you'll find the ultimate sex act that you and your partner will want to use every night!
If the sex tournament seems easy enough, but coming up with ideas seems harder, have no fear, Princess Cosplay is here with The Fetish Academy to give you a plethora ideas to bring to the tournament.
In terms of trying out new sex positions try finding ideas from a Sex Position Card Game, which has over 50 different sex positions to try, and you can find on The Fetish Academy's website.
Never tried Pegging? This Sex Tournament is the perfect place to give it a shot! Strap ons may seem intimidating, but in the comfort and safety of your bedroom with a trusted partner, and the inspiration of March Madness, pegging can be exciting and super pleasurable! For a smooth  and perfectly size strap on, try the Perfect Fit Zoro Strap-on; its smooth silicone and sturdy harness give the most incredible pegging experience. If you're looking to try out a few different sizes, you can find a Strap On Harness that can fit with many sizes of dildos. With that, you can start with a Small and Smooth Beginner Dildo, or go big with an Eight Inch Super Realistic Dildo.
Princess Cosplay's number one suggestion to bring to the tournament will always be The Fetish Academy's Exclusive Fox Tail Butt Plugs. Everyone needs to try out these fluffy tails that come in so many colors with many sizes of Silicone or Stainless Steel plugs!
This March Madness Sex Tournament is the perfect way to make this month all about sex and not just the same old sex, but something shiny and new!
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