At The Fetish Academy, Princess Cosplay prides herself in our quality handmade tails and other toys, great customer service, and discreet shipping. But rather than hearing it from us, hear it from our valued customers! 


Matthew N. - 11/14/18  --  32" Extra Long Faux Cat Tail Butt Plug - Lavender and White

Love it

Perfect length love my tail!


Sofia L. - 11/5/18  --  Fox Tail Butt Plug and Ears Set - Genuine Indigo Fox

Foxy fox

Amazing !!! Quality fur, comfortable head piece. Service and delivery exceeded my expectations.


Julie B. - 10/22/18  --  Dyed Bunny Tail Tickler


Excellent quality item as usual and very pleased with it.


Haley P. - 10/19/18  --  Unisex Leather Choker with O-Ring

Great Product

This collar is amazing! Definitely one of my favorites. It is comfortable but still has that restrained feeling I always look for in my collars. Would definitely recommend!!!

Haley P. - 10/19/18  --  19" Genuine Cross Fox Tail Butt Plug


This product is great quality and the the customer service is amazing. The lady that runs the page is very nice and responsive. I am very satisfied with the product and this page in its entirety. I would definitely recommend!!!!


Jeanine F. - 10/10/18  --  20" Genuine White Fox Fur Clip on Tail with Keychain

I usually order my tails via Ebay or Etsy since 
they tend to have insurance policies for customers in case a seller tries to take your money and run. That being the case, I was very wary of ordering from a company I was not familiar with. However, I’m so glad that I took the risk!

My tail was shipped out very quickly, and I really appreciate that I could keep track of my order via text/email updates. I received it in a few days (surprisingly quickly given the weekend) and it was well packaged and the label was discreet.

The tail itself is probably the most beautiful fox tail I’ve ever received. It’s beautiful, 
so fluffy, so soft and the length is perfect! 
I love the way it swishes about as I walk...the quality really is evident. The price was also 
very reasonable, especially relative to the quality!

I will also say that I appreciate the style of swivel clip you use on your tails. It’s very practical and lets the tail move about freely. 
The extra keyring is nice too, should I want to 
attach an accessory (I appreciate that it’s removable though).

I’m beyond pleased with my experience and look forward to ordering from The Fetish Academy again.

Thanks so much!


Anna R. - 9/20/18  --  6"-7" Silver Fox Fur Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Good Delivery

Ordered some tails for international shipping, they arrived in a couple of days and are really well made. I'm so far very happy with my purchase.


Brian S. - 7/28/18  --  Double Ended Black Dildo

Deeply Fulfilling

The diameter of the toy is just the right size for exploring deep penetration anally. It's wonderfully firm yet has just enough bend to get around a few shallow corners deep inside. Once lubed, sliding the entire length in and out at an easy pace is an incredible turn on as you can feel the bumps around the surface of the toy.


Max G. - 5/25/18  --  17"-18" Orchid Dyed Platinum Fox Tail Butt Plug

I love this tail!!! I’ve bought so many fox tail butt plugs on the internet and this is the best one by far. The color is sooooo cute. I love lavender and purple and the bit of gray just makes it so special, so different than my other pieces, I wore it by myself for a bit and then surprised my partner and it was PERFECT!!!!! 100% would recommend.


Tiffany - 4/8/18  --  20"-22" Genuine Fluffy Long Crystal Fox Tail Butt Plug

Fluffy, fluffy tail!

This is the most amazing tail I have bought for my girlfriend yet. I have purchased from other companies but this one is just absolutely superior!!! 
Thank you Princess Cosplay


Jozzie - 4/2/18  --  20"-22" Dyed Platinum Fox Tail Butt Plug - Flamingo Pink

I just absolutely love this tail the color is so beautiful I think I’m going to get a pair of matching ears next. Package was sent discreet and timely. Will Purchase again from the shop.