Want to know more about who's behind the hard work at The Fetish Academy? Here's the place where you can learn a bit more about the Fetish Academy team and why we do what we do!

 Princess Cosplay

The owner and founder of The Fetish Academy, Princess Cosplay, works to offer customers the tools, toys, and resources they need to explore and play. Her mission is to create a judgment free community where anyone can feel welcome to discover new and exciting sources of pleasure, excitement, and fun.

The joy she brings to helping people find their own enjoyment is based on a lifelong journey to connect her passion and skills. She began her career many years developing her business acumen at a large corporation. But it wasn’t until she took a risk and left to make her own way that she discovered her true gift for pleasure.

She is an experienced sex educator, make-up artist, and pleasure guide who brings her knowledge and passion to every aspect of The Fetish Academy.


David L

David L

David L is the “right hand” to Princess Cosplay at The Fetish Academy. David works hard to make sure that The Fetish Academy is inclusive for a full spectrum of diverse communities so that people of all genders, sexualities, races, disabilities, etc. feel welcome. David joined The Fetish Academy just under a year ago, and has enjoyed every moment of hir time working with Princess Cosplay.

David began hir career studying Acting at The University of Chicago, and has enjoyed applying hir artistic education to the products and outreach at The Fetish Academy. The Fetish Academy was the perfect find for David, because it’s a place where ze could put hir sexual knowledge and freedom to use, as well as create a space in the sex and fetish business for a more diverse community.




Maxine is a Chicago-based gender and sexuality educator and writer passionate about safe, equitable, and enjoyable sexual experiences for all. They graduated from the University of Chicago with a Master of Arts degree concentrating in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Gender is something experienced by all and is the current hot topic of conversation - yet, is sometimes difficult to discuss. In their work, they encourage dialogue and creates spaces to question norms regarding sexual practices for all people, regardless of class, race, gender, ability, culture, religion, etc. While different people have different desires, Maxine feels that everyone deserves happiness in their personal, romantic, and sexual lives. A queer feminist, Maxine is passionate about consent and issues that face the LGBTQ community.